Listen to your body it speaks the wisdom of your heart

What's in a Shake

Listening to our bodies we will always hear the truth.  For me shaking is a one of those really simple practices that hits all the spots. I love the fire element to it, it makes me feel completely alive, my body is energised, ecstatic, and vital. During the Shake I can connect to a really primal part of who I am, wise and wild.

During a “60 Minute Shake”, I connect to my elements  Earth and Fire and  I hang between these places as the energy of my subtle bodies begins to rise up and re -connect me to my own Wild, Creative and Ecstatic Nature.  It is a way of completely letting go of all control.

Tensions become dissolved as my thoughts disappear, I laugh, I cry, I shout, I allow anything and everything to be expressed. Energy rises from all sorts of areas, so I follow where the energy takes me.

I always start with feeling my centre, my core, the place  I am most stable.  I also take a moment to connect to my breath my air, I see my deep roots in the earth, and I have a chord that pulls right through me to the top of my  crown into the starry sky.

I bend my knees slightly, then feel into my body, how am I, what calls my attention.  I then start to Shake, following any subtle feelings that may arise.  I love to shake to Navajo, African and Brazilian drums.  I also like to Shake to some really uplifting trance music.

If you find yourself here, my advice would be to try it for a couple of sessions, and if your body gives you a resounding “No” then I request you honour this.  Your body is the most intelligent of beings, and it knows your body best, this practice is not for everyone. Some vital life lessons are truly about awakening to our own body and powerfully choosing each path we take.  This path is intended to Shake off all that is not your Soul.

Come and  re-energise not only the physical body but also the energetic bodies (the aura).

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The Navajo Tribe believe that  all healing had a musical solution and if you were sick, the medicine man would drum over you, use percussion instruments in your subtle body fields and sing into your body.. The Hopi Tribe would ask you “when did you stop dancing, when did you stop singing, and when did you cease communing in nature?".

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