Wild Women Shared

Sharing Circles

I have always loved sharing circles, there is something about speaking our lives together that calls us forward as tribal people. Nurturing conversation and empathic listening are deeply rooted in feminine principles. So this part of the session is designed with you in mind.

A sacred place for you.

A place where you can be heard and held.

 A space for your Intuition.  

A place for our soul to speak

A place for our deep feminine wisdom to express its knowing.

In this type of circle the person speaking shares, there are no answers  or feedback from the group, there is simply a space for, listening,  hearing,  honouring and trusting that all is well.

There is in all of us a “A Hidden Wholeness”. All we need to do is be present, be patient, listen and wait for the speaker to hear her own soul and its wise counsel.