The importance of staying in the present moment


One Thursday before a Biodanza session I was chatting with a participant in the coffee shop.  A discussion evolved around a recent opening circle. On this particular day, I had asked how people were feeling.  My companion was so surprised to hear how many people were feeling stressed, (I think over 50% said this) or had difficult things they were dealing with. 

I wondered if this could be attributed to living in a big City like London, where we are constantly on the go, with trains delayed and traffic nose to tail? For some of us, making a living and simply keeping our heads above water can be such a challenge. 
At work, some of us worry about our job security, colleagues, housing circumstances and how we will continue to make enough to money to survive.

One thing I have learned is that none of this stress supports us as humans. Yes we have to pay our bills, be accountable and responsible, but worrying makes no difference or sense at all. 

When you dance a session of Biodanza you have an opportunity to live in the moment, this living moment brings such wonderful freedom to our bodies. We can rest in the warmth of the group, we can breathe, we can just simply let go and connect with ourselves, others and our companions.

This system is a gift for living in the present moment and the more we participate in it, the more we are able to bring this presence into our daily lives.