A Yoga Based Movement Meditation

In October last year I attended an 8 weeks course to learn to facilitate DANCEmandala. The training took place in the the most beautiful setting of the Yoga Tree in the heart of Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand.  I have danced Biodanza and 5 Rhythms for many years, so I was interested to find out about this new movement meditation.

This was the fist time I had ever dipped my toe into a moving meditation.  This emersion really had the facilitators listening to all of the sensations that were moving through the body.  We were encouraged to speak from the body, to listen to the body and respond with the body.  I have to say I fell in love with the practice, the honesty of the movement, the rhythms in the music which delve into wild ecstasy and intimate stillness.  

A modern way of balancing the body through movement and music, where I felt connected not just to my own rhythms but the universal ones.  I met the most beautiful group of people from different countries, I did yoga every day starting with a session of restorative yoga.  I danced every day and found myself really hearing the messages from my body that were truthful.  

During the sessions of DANCEmandala  I was surprised to find myself laughing so hard at times that my stomach ached.  I think I actually fell on the floor once I was laughing so hard.  What was so interesting for me was to have so many different sensations rising and falling often at the same time, I even experienced waves of my own disappearing, a bit like when you see a musician that suddenly becomes the music.

If you are someone that loves music and movement, but find embarking on a still mediation practice a challenge, then this really is for you.  It is the ecstatic approach, sweating your way through the inner spirals of the body and waves of bliss to a beautiful space of emptiness, where complete relaxation becomes possible.  Dive in to a session near you and explore.