Sound as a tool for healing

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When our vibration os out of harmony it creates dis-ease

Did you know that your body is basically a bunch of atoms, a sound vibration? And when these vibrations are out of harmony, we may become ill. We are a part of the totality of the Universe, we are energy in motion and as a part of all things, how we are vibrating affects our health and well-being.

Shamans knew the importance of sound

In tribal cultures we know that the Shaman understood the importance of sound, if you were sick there were three things he could help with, chanting a tone over the body, drumming over the body and have you commune in nature.  Singing and sounds were part of the source of healing.  

Hazrat Inayat Khan the great Sufi Master who wrote the most amazing book about the mysticism of sound and music, tells us

We are all but one note in the great symphony of life, and it is our task to fine-tune our own note.

In Biodanza and DANCEmandala sessions we are fine-tuning our vibration

In sessions of Biodanza and DANCEmandala, we are doing just this, we are fine tuning our personal vibrations, through movement, sound, stillness and connection.  We are learning to hear the subtle bodies-the physical, astral, causal, mental, etheric and spiritual. We are allowing every part of who we are to have human expression.

When we finally feel safe enough to let go of our mask, who we are is pure energy in motion. When our judgements fade away and we are simply left with the truth.

Building self-confidence and creating positive change

The more we explore who we are through dance, sound and movement, the more our confidence and creativity builds. Our sense of well-being improves and those around us start to see differences in who we are being at work, home, with our friends, work colleagues and families.

Even if you never have the time to attend a class, there are always opportunities to sing or dance. There is nothing quite like it when you jump into the shower, a track comes on that you love and you find yourself singing, moving and allowing yourself to enjoy every minute of it.

Sound Heals

Each time we dance, chant, sing, connect and share our personal sounds we are bringing a sense of wholeness to our body and the body of the universe.  Some sounds are soothing and harmonising. They are organic in nature and can provide such a welcome relief to our spirit. We should not forget that finding some silence in this busy world is also important.

There are so many opportunities in London to dance and sing, you can create your own dance space at home, the garden, office, or you can attend sessions and workshops.

Liberate yourself

I recommend that you find some time to Liberate your body and your voice from the stresses and strains of City Life and you will find that your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

With love
Sue x