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As I write this I am in the home of dear friends in Athens, Greece, we met whilst training as Biodanza Teachers in Dorset. The relationships I made during the three year trainings, have been profound. These unique friendships have continued to provide me with much needed connection, people that I have a bond with, where I may not see them for many months, sometimes even years, but when I do it is as if I never was away from them. I often say when I am teaching the weekly class, that we take each other home with us when we leave. And this for me is the truth.

I feel a sense of loving that connects us all, the friendships are intimate in ways that allow me to be completely truthful, I feel able to be seen with a deep level of vulnerability, I can be completely authentic, and that is rare gift in life. I cannot think of any other practice that I have been involved with that gave me this level of intimacy.

I find it fascinating that dancing regularly with a group of companions can also reduce stress levels, connect us, contain us and educate us through our physical body. It can heal parts of us, where we are unaware there is even a need for healing.

If you have never tried Biodanza, I recommend you give it a go, but only if you wish to grow and develop your understanding of life. So come along to a local session, dance like no one is watching, sing as if no one can hear you, and love as if your heart has never been broken.

Classes are on Thursdays at The Place, in Flaxman Terrace