For everyone with the courage to move their body and take a journey inward. 

DANCEmandala was created to provide a space to bring together dancers who wish to explore and trust in our unique nature as humans.

In the West some of us find the practice of meditation a challenge, our minds can often get in the way of a few moments of silence. It's design is to keep us busy, constantly chatter to us, filter out much of what is said and generally form its own interpretation by judging and assessing what is being experienced. Practicing DANCEmandala may assist the stilling of the mind.

During the 2 hours, we are gently guided to express all that is present in our body. The music creates movement with our own unique rhythms, we come into balance, natural flow, and then into a time of stillness where we rest and experience organic harmony.  

DANCEmandala is based on the creative flow of life, connecting us through our heart rhythms to the cosmic vibration.  There is an inner and outer alignment through this moving meditation that encourages us to experience our authentic expression as we re-connect to  our own creative energy, our core essence.

 Love is our natural state of being, during our DANCEmandala we will spiral into our own inner wisdom and the cosmic intelligence.  When we practice regularly we begin to experience a deep sense of wholeness which arises from the unfathomable depth of the cosmic DANCE.

If we do not go within, we go without
— Source unknown


What happens at a session?

We meet monthly, on Sundays for 2 hours, there is a 30 minute arrival window, where we warm up. You can join at any point throughout those initial 30 minutes. After that the session is closed.  This is followed by a journey through ecstatic dance to stillness.  Each session is different and works with the spirals within the body. 

DANCEmandala is an opportunity to experience your own Inner Dancer, to connect deeply to your intuitive heart and feel your own liberation.

Everyone is welcome to this practice,  to be inspired by dance as a way to; stretch and release the body; calm the mind, raise self-awareness and cultivate inner strength; creativity, flexibility, flow and a deeper connection with life and all it has to offer.

Costs of the class is £20, or £15 for concessions, book on line when you hear the call and arrive ready to move.  Wear some loose comfortable clothing and dance barefoot if possible, bring a layer in case you feel the cold during meditation.

“I have never attended anything where
I felt so safe and so free to be me”.
— DANCEmandala participant Feb 2019