What is DANCEmandala?

DANCEmandala is a journey of self-discovery and focused mindfulness. We dance a journey from the realm of the physical, to the realm of the heart, where we become aware of our own inner wisdom and our interdependency to our species and our universe as a whole.

We begin (through the dance) to connect to our identity and our physical body and complete the journey through a dynamic moving mandala to the connection of us as part of the universal consciousness.

Each spiral will bring us into different levels of awareness. The sessions are designed to move us from rhythm, toward breath, letting go and liberation, rest and stillness. Here we will feel lighter, experience harmony and get a sense of being more balanced, whole and complete.

Our musical journey will carry us effortlessly from the outer to the inner in a method of self-discovery, it uses the natural mandala’s that exist within our body to liberate us from our mind. During any session you may hear the gentle guidance of a Facilitator, however, this journey is one of liberating and letting go of the mind so we can hear our own inner wisdom and our personal body’s needs.

Who invented DANCEmandala?

DANCEmandala was initiated by Areeradh K Tri-Siddha (Areerat Kaewkla). You can read more about her and the development of DANCEmandala here

Do I have to follow & watch demonstration?

No, DANCEmandala is completely free-form, it is your body and you move it how and when you feel you need to.

Can I use my voice?

Yes, this is your personal journey. Anything that needs to be released, or expressed is welcome in the dance.

Do I have to dance with others?

No, this is your journey and you honour every part of what shows up for you. You can connect if you feel you wish to but you listen to the wisdom of your body which will always bring forward your needs. There are no rules, you can arrive with friends, sweat, release, relax and reveal as little or as much of yourself as you see fit.

I don’t think I can dance is this for me?

DANCEmandala is a system is designed to re-awaken the inner dancer that we all have. You can be free to play with your own form of organic movement, whatever that may look like. The space is non-judgemental and is a safe container to explore your true state in any given moment.

I have never done any meditation how will I know what to do?

This is the question most asked and we want you to know is that absolutely no experience is necessary, the body’s intelligence will do all of the work for you. All you do during the meditation session is gently follow the movement of your breath, the rest will unfold!

What should I bring with me?

The dancing is mostly done barefoot, however, if you need to wear soft indoor shoes this is possible. Wear some loose comfortable clothing, bring some water, and some layers in case you get cold during the meditative part of the class.

How long does the session last?

There is a warm up session for approximately 30 minutes where we ‘arrive’, start to stretch and generally bring the body into co-operation. We then have 1.5 hours of journey time through the spirals. Over all it is approximately 2 hours from welcoming and arriving to leaving.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.