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Weekly Biodanza Class at 'The Place'

  • The Place 17 Duke's Road London, England, WC1H 9PY United Kingdom (map)
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This week we will be dancing the element of air

According to Aristotle, air is both hot and wet and occupies a place between fire and water among the elemental spheres. Aristotle definitively separated air from aether.

I was surprised to read that the gender of Air is Masculine, but not so surprised to read that it is an active element.

Air is the one thing that we cannot do without, we can survive a short while without water, longer without food but no time at all without air. From our moment of birth, Air is a part of who we are. 

It is the element of intelligence, creativity and beginnings and has no permanent form. 

In Greek philosophy Air was separated into aspects, one above the atmosphere and one below. Air can work with both Fire and Water and the air above the clouds was deemed to be the spirit.

It is an element that is mainly unseen, but when you rise above any circumstances you get a completely new perspective. A birds’ eye view so to speak.

An opportunity to reconnect back to self and others. We settle into the safe space where we can begin/continue to let go of our conditioning and explore your own organic dance, to find and continue to experience your own unique creative expression. Biodanza is a doorway to a new way of living, through the movement of your body.
There are no steps to learn, there is just the music, your movement, the group experience and some gentle guidance.

Please note that the entrance to 'The Place' is on Flaxman Terrace and the session will be held in Studio 9

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Read more about Biodanza

Each class is £12 and concessions are £8.  
You can pay on the day at the start of the class.
We also offer Bio-cards for non concession prices that offer a discount:
5 classes for £50 (£10.00 per Class)
10 classes for £90 (£9.00 per Class)
You can purchase these online below (and you will be given your bio-card on the door) or in person on the night.

*please note that all Bio-cards must be used within 3 months of the purchase date.