What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a transformational system of self development that restores the link to ourselves and also to the universe as a cosmic whole.

Biodanza uses both music, dance and the group dynamic to provide an opportunity to deepen our awareness of self, others and the earth.

As a species we have become isolated and lonely in the midst of a what appears to be a collective chaos. We are absent, yet present, we look but we do not see each other, we hear and experience everything through our own personal filters, and we are no longer connected through touch, we have become disconnected from nature and our instincts and this disconnection strips each of us of our identity. Through the group dynamic in Biodanza, we begin to experience many of the lost gestures, the tribal dances, the universal patterns of movements, and we are assisted by specially selected organic music. In time we begin to find ways to celebrate the presence of the other. Biodanza is a way to exalt each person in the essential enchantment of an encounter. It is perhaps, one of the ways of living a healthy possibility, through regular dancing with our companions, we re-awaken the sleeping giant with us, with all our sensitivity, creativity, vitality, affectivity and sensuality.

Who invented Biodanza?

Rolando Toro Araneda started his first experience with Biodanza (at that time called psicodanza) between 1968 and 1973. You can read more about Roloando here.
He wrote in his book, “To live better, we need a feeling of intimacy, of pleasant union and of stimulating grace. In these natural necessities I have placed the objectives of Biodanza”. Biodanza was born out of a nostalgic view of love and the need for this as humans.

Why is there no speech in Biodanza?

In Biodanza we bring speech to a minimum, when I say minimum, I mean that we allow any sounds to come up through our body and we do not suppress ourselves, but we leave speech for before or after the Vivencia. When we stop speaking, a part of our cognitive mind has a holiday and this is what we are aiming for.

In time, and with regular attendance, our body will respond to the music in ways we did not imagine possible. When we start creating new movements our brain follows along and creates new neural pathways. Who we are in the “Vivencia” becomes who we are in the world!

What is a Vivencia?

In Biodanza terms this is purely a word for what we call “a lived moment”, a “lived experience”.

Why do we start a Biodanza class with a circle?

The opening circle is ceremonial in character, it lets us know that we are embarking on a journey together, in community, in shared experiences, all of us are the same, no one person standing above any other. It helps us to ground in rhythm, and connect to ourselves and each other prior to the class beginning.

Why is the dance demonstrated in Biodanza?

Dances, gestures, postures and music have been carefully crafted for the evolvement of our human potential. Therefore each dance is demonstrated so that it can be experienced through the mirror neurons. The demonstrations are designed to give context. You will then try out your own organic version of what you have seen and respond to how the music moves in your body. You just watch, then allow your movement to evolve, in a way that feels right for you.

Do I have to dance with someone I feel uncomfortable with or do something I do not like?

In Biodanza we are returning to our innocence, our primordial state, where we are closely connected to our instincts, we believe the body is here to assist you on your journey through your life (which is unique to each person).

The mind is a powerful tool that remembers everything it experiences. It provides us with protection when feeling fear. Therefore it is so important that we honour all that shows up in the dance and that we don’t do anything the we aren’t completely comfortable with.

We allow our body to be our coach. Our body is our best friend and a barometer for how we are feeling in any given moment. It is advised to always follow the movements and sensations of the body. When we start to listen and receive the signals from within our body we will see that they are always showing up to assist us in loving support. And of course, we can use the dance as our playground for trying out our “No” or our “Yes” or our “Maybe” finding the places, from the body’s perspective of where we feel comfortable enough to enable us to stretch ourselves.

The only request we have is that you stay for the whole of the session, even if you find you need to sit out for one or more of the dances.

What is the purpose of integration in Biodanza?

In Biodanza we are always working with what is whole, complete and perfect. There is really nothing to fix, there are just some parts of us that can sometimes get out of balance. I know that for me when I first began dancing Biodanza I had a lot more “Yang” energy than “Yin”, I was all fire and earth, and very little air and water. In terms of integration, we are looking to simply allow these aspects to come into balance. We simply wish to move to a state where what we say, how we act, how we move in the world is congruent with our core values and principals, and reflect who we are in the world.

Everything that shows up in the class and in our body is reflected in how we live outside in the world. Biodanza provides a safe space for the remembering of who we are as sacred beings.

Why do we use feedback in Biodanza & how important is it?

Biodanza works in harmony with all that is completely well in us. Feedback is one of the most important aspects of any dance or encounter. Everything is a choice for us and when we give ourselves permission to honour what is showing up within us and our companions, we find that we do not invade or force our way onto others, we learn to accept our experiences and we begin to trust in the group process. We become aware that any feedback we receive is not personal, it is purely a movement in a moment of the body of the person we are encountering.

Why do we need to attend a weekly Biodanza class?

The system has been designed to be a journey of evolvement and integration, where the benefits of attending regularly help to build a safe group container. Friendships are created, love blossoms, intimacy is experienced and we learn to trust not only ourselves but also our companions.

Humans are designed for connection and a Biodanza class is the perfect place for us to connect. There is a personal transformation journey which can be experienced through Biodanza. For me as both a participant and facilitator, I have found it so wonderful to be on the ‘road’ with companions I have felt a bond with.

What can be worn in a Biodanza class?

Biodanza is best danced barefoot as it helps to stimulate our re-connection to the natural world. However, it is possible to wear soft indoor shoes if you feel they are necessary for you. Loose and comfortable clothing is advised..

If you have any questions or need any further information do email me on sue@shakelondon.co.u