Awakening and expanding the part of you that is always well through dance, movement
and meditation.


Embody new ways of relating, experience profound connections to the natural world, to yourself and to others.

 A practice that releases the body, helps us to drop the masks we wear in life and completely pulls the plug on the stress and strain of every day life .


A personal, ecstatic, mindful movement meditation.  Where the journey is from the outer to the inner.

Awakening the inner dancer, with the medium of music and the wise counsel of the Body.


Voice, music and percussion

An opportunity to unleash your natural, authentic voice within using drums, percussion and movement.

Find your primal voice through your breath, your unique rhythms and your body.


Experience greater stillness,
more creativity and joy. 

Which session calls you? 
Dive in and start exploring yourself.
All sessions are in London.